Abbess (President)
Novice Sister Estee Louder Harder Faster

Age: Older than Britney but younger than                      Madonna

Favorite Color: Pnk

Spirit Animal: Unicorn

Words of Wisdom: Always wipe front to back!

Mistress Of Novices (Vice President)
Sister Gin-ja Lox

Turn Ons: Hairy chests, circus peanuts, clapping songs                               and Poppers of course ;-)

Turn Offs: Man  buns, necco wafers, guns and  florescent                           lighting

Hobbies: Color Guard, stealing souls, applying sun block                         and macrame

Favorite Quote: If you ain't got nine I ain't got the time                                                                    ~ Mama G

Mistress Of Ink (Secratarty)
Novice Sister Constance Annoyance Devine

After being in the Jehovah's Witness Relocation protection program, I found myself in Detroit, a city pregnant with possibilities waiting for one good push.  Sadly the push hasn't happened to a community that seems divided. My attraction to the sisters is there unconventional look and feel that makes them seem as the perfect midwife for uniting the GBLTQ and PONEA ( peoples of none extraordinary attributes) together PDQ. Let the episiotomy begin!

Misstress Of The Purse (Treasurer)
Novice Sister Olivia D' Havamann

Sister Olivia D,Havamann was born during pride 2014, she just didn't know it until several months later. She met Novice Sister Estee Louder Harder Faster and Sister Gin-ja Lox and grabbed on to their hands and started her sparkly journey into Sisterhood. With the guidance of her Sister-Moms and her spirt animal, Mrs. Roper, she has been learnng how to get rid of guilt, expand joy through the world, teach the Children a thing or two and to be of service to the village, wink wink, nudge nudge.

Mistress Of The Web (Social Media)
Novice Sister Christy Annity

Christy Annity is determined to be the best damn Nun (or is that damned) she can be. I am here to serve the Cat our Lord!
​"I like your Chirst, I do not like your Christians. Your Christians are so unlike Christ." ~ Mahatma Gandhi

Mistress of Bliss (Pecker Wrapper Distribution)
Novice Sister Misty Meanor
"the Nun with all the bad habits"

If you see me in the corner, odds are I'm on a time out. 
Just a fun lovin Nun doing the lords dirty laundry. I like to spend my Sundays masturbating furiously to twink porn while making bird noises.

On a serious note...
Call me!

Captian Of The Guards
Novice Guard Shamus Nomore

Guard Shamus is the adventurer of the group. Rollercoaters to snowmoblies you'll alway get your adrenaline fix with him. Shamus always brings a lighteness to the group and makes everyonr smile.

Novice Guard 2 Tone

Guard Two Tone is the laid back quite gurad until you get him talking. He treats everyonr with an open heart. He always has your back and is willing to help. Family means the world to him, hes a gentleman and still escorts his mother to church.

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